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Stop by Devyani Hair & Beauty for first-class services that'll leave you feeling fresh.

Our staff has the expertise to provide you with the haircut, colour and style that brings out your personality. We also have trained beauty therapists available to pamper your skin.

Kick back and unwind as we work our magic on you, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Our salon is a place for relaxation and conversation. Book an appointment today! We're open 6-days a week.
Hair Cutting — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Hair Cutting

The creative stylists at Devyani Hair & Beauty are waiting to give you the haircut that makes people stop to compliment you.

We stay up to date with the latest in women's, men's and children's hair cutting techniques and trends. Our hairdressers are highly experienced and will listen to your requests, so that we achieve a look you love.

Our team provides barber clipping services, trims, style cuts and children's cuts for preschool, primary school and high school aged children.

Not sure what look you want? We can recommend styles based on your face shape and hair texture. We'll adapt any reference image to suit you and make it uniquely yours.
Hair Colouring — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Hair Colouring

Your hair is one of your most distinctive features, so getting it coloured is one of the easiest ways to invest in yourself and boost confidence in your look. Our services include full colours, ½ head foils and full head foils.

We use Australian-owned and made products from renowned brand De Lorenzo. All of these products are made using certified organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed. We love using natural based products that don't damage hair harshly in our studio.

Our team continues to train and learn the latest colouring techniques that add vibrancy and smooth transitions for a renewed look. After your treatment we will provide advice on the best ways to healthily maintain your coloured hair.
eyebrow — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Keratin Smoothing (Terre A Mer)

Over time, our hair gets more and more damaged. By replenishing the keratin, which is the main building block for healthy hair, our beauticians aim to enrich your hair and get you back to your confident self in no time.
We use a specialised Terre A Mer sealing process to send large amounts of keratin into the hair cuticles which prompts the healing process.

Aside from silky smooth hair, there are a number of other benefits to keratin smoothing, including:

  • Eliminating split ends
  • Protecting hair against moisture
  • Protecting hair against heat & exposure
We even have curly or straight finishes available.

Contact our friendly beauticians today to find out more about our keratin smoothing services.
Hair Extensions — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Hair Extensions

Get luscious locks instantly with hair extensions from Devyani Hair & Beauty.

We'll attach extensions and seamlessly blend them with your natural hair for a flawless look. We cut, colour and style the extensions to ensure they look natural.

Our hair extensions are perfect for adding volume to thin hair, length to short hair and versatility to your everyday look. Extensions are perfect for people who don't have the patience to wait for their hair to grow! Get the best of both worlds, come down to our salon and see what we can do for you.
Hair Styling — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Hair Styling

Going to a special event? Have your hair styled for the occasion by our expert team.

Upstyles are our specialty at Devyani Hair & Beauty. This style is versatile and can be changed to suit any type of hair. No matter if your hair is thick or thin, it's amazing what an upstyle can do. We can add curls, braids and hair pieces to finish off this elegant look.

Our salon stylists can create every look from the timeless and sleek to the voluminous and tousled. We use blow-drying and setting techniques, alongside GHD straightening and curling to bring your look to life.
Perming — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


If you're dreaming of waking up with effortlessly curled hair, our perming treatment might be just what you've been looking for.

The perming process begins by placing your hair into tight curlers. The bonds that make up your hair structure is then broken down using a chemical applying agent.

This agent makes the keratin molecules in the hair move and adjust to the new shape your hair is being forced into by the curlers. Once the hair has adjusted to the curlers, we will apply a neutraliser to lock in the new curls. This treatment will leave you with beautifully curled hair with no effort at all. Simply wake up with that curly look you've always wanted, contact us to discuss the treatment today.
Makeup — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


Enhance your natural beauty with the makeup services from Devyani Hair & Beauty studio.

We're dedicated to giving your skin a natural radiance by using certified organic, Vegan and cruelty free makeup from Inika Organic. Our makeup artists can create a flawless finish with products that won't damage your skin.

During our makeup session we will help you find the perfect shade of foundation for your skin type and provide advice on how to highlight your features. We can work from reference images and listen to your ideas, to ensure we bring your vision to fruition.

Good makeup starts with good skincare, luckily our salon can help with both! Our facial treatments prepare the skin perfectly for makeup application.
Nails — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


Beautify your nails with a manicure or pedicure from our salon.

We provide buff and polishes, shape shine treatments and shellac polish applications. Our technicians use quality products that give vibrant colour and don't damage the nail.

Our general treatment includes:
  • Polish removal
  • Hand soaking
  • Nail shaping
  • Cuticle care
  • Nail polish application
  • Cuticle balm



Combat dehydration with the specialised facial treatments available from our salon.

lactic Enzyme — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Lactic Enzyme Peel


Lactic powder is combined with enzyme rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders to deliver a powerful active boost to the AHA rejuvenate peel treatment.
Hydra Mask — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Bio-Hydra Mask


This hydrating and moisture locking mask will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate dull complexions and fight against dehydration.
Aha Rejuvenate — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

AHA Rejuvenate Peel


The AHA rejuvenate peel blends AHA's with enzymes to create a bio-active peel that works to remove a layer of dead or damaged skin cells.
Detox Clay — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Multi-Detox Clay Treatment


The multi-detox clay treatment promotes cell renewal, detoxifies and calms all skin types. It is formulated with kaolin and bentonite.
Vita Renewal — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Age Vita-Renewal Treatment


This treatment is best for restoring youthful radiance to the skin. Using vitamin C and E the treatment aids in reducing visible signs of ageing.
Tanning — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


Love the bronzed look? Keep your golden glow with a full body spray tan from our salon.

We recommend exfoliating your body before the session to remove dead and dry skin cells. This will allow our tanning lotion to sink into freshly cleaned skin without it grasping to flaky or dry spots.

Please avoid putting on lotion, deodorant or makeup when coming to your session, as the tan will not be as effective if you wear these products. We also recommend lose-fitting, dark clothing be worn.
massage — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


If you lead a busy life, it's not uncommon to hold stress in your body causing aches and pains to arise. To assist with relaxation and muscle release we provide back, neck and shoulder massages for ½ an hour, or 1-hour full body massages.

Massages not only relax the muscles and relieve stress build up, they can also improve blood circulation and reduce the onset of tension headaches and migraines. Our massage therapists will focus on specific parts of your body to help release problem areas.

Body Treatments

Pamper yourself with 1.5 hours of relaxation by choosing a body treatment from Devyani Hair & Beauty.

Exfoliant — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Exfoliating Back Treatment


We exfoliate and polish the body using a luxurious infusion of salt crystals and oils to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. This treatment includes an indulgent body butter massage to replenish and renew the complexion.
body scrub — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Hydrating Body Scrub & Mask


Rich oils and nut butters are combined to provide deep hydration. This treatment is infused with vitamin E to promote skin elasticity and provide antioxidant properties to the body.
Body Clay — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Detox & Purity Body Clay


The antibacterial properties of tee tree are used to draw impurities from the skin to reveal a brighter complexion underneath. This treatment includes a dry body brush and a relaxing massage, which works to infuse and draw antioxidants from the body.
waxing — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW


Love the feeling of silky-smooth skin? Book in for a wax at our salon.

Our waxing services are available for men and women. We offer:
  • Eyebrow
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Side burns
  • Full face
  • Underarms
  • Arms (½ or full)
  • Legs (½, ¾ or full)
  • Bikini
  • G-string
  • Brazilian
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Stomach
Our beauty therapists will ensure your treatment is quick and as comfortable as possible. We recommend avoiding exfoliating or drying out the skin before your session. If you have a low pain threshold, we suggest applying a numbing agent prior to arriving for your appointment.
eyebrow — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Devyani Hair & Beauty can help frame your face with perfectly shaped brows and eyelash extensions.

We offer eyebrow waxing and tinting as an affordable package, so you don't have to worry about filling in or plucking your brows yourself.

Our waxing service will clean up any stray hairs, while our tint will fill in any sparse areas, giving your brows a more defined look. Our beauticians will enhance the length and volume of your lashes with extensions. You can wake up daily with dramatic lashes without the effort of building up your mascara. We can also provide a tinting service that is perfect if you're after darker lashes that define your eyes.
wedding — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW

Weddings & Formals

Make your special event a day to remember by having your hair and makeup taken care of at our salon.

We'll make you feel at home while getting you ready to walk down the aisle, red carpet or in to your event. We can create classic upstyles, effortless waves and beautiful braids to suit your style.

Our team offers bridal trials to ensure you are happy with the look before the big day. A trial allows us to experiment and find the look that perfectly meets your vision and leaves you feeling confident.

Want to book us for your event? Give us a call to check our availability.

Brands We Love

We're proud to use only Australian-owned and made products from quality brands. These products are created to nourish, repair and enhance without damaging your skin or hair. We have a range of products from these brands available for sale in our studio.
Inika organic products — Hairdressing in Unanderra Hairdressing in Unanderra, NSW